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Pure strong man deserve it-Mann zug 3 rugged smart phone

July 5, 2013

     Pure man can be personalized, you can rave, all without losing a man taste. MANN ZUG3 rugged smart phones unique design and excellence in detail, highlighting the confusion between the man's extraordinary taste and style.

MANNZUG3 rugged smart phones with a stylish large touch screen candy bar design, the fuselage surrounded by German imports of high-strength engineering rubber material wrapped, very good to protect the body in the event of collisions is not damaged, feel very good.
The aircraft's fuselage size 139x74x18.5mm, because it is three anti-cell phone outdoors, fuselage than the average smart phone to be a lot of heavy, pure man holding a very stable, one-handed operation is also very convenient.
ZUG3 rugged smart phones equipped with a front 4.0-inch HD-hyun screen resolution of 800 × 480 pixels, the display is still very good, and now a man pressure, in their leisure time to enjoy the videos or play some games, the release of the work pressure is also a very good choice.

Pure man travel like traveling light, MANN ZUG3 rugged smart phone is always charging you saved the trouble. ZUG3 using a 2500 mA battery capacity, due to the excellent optimization of intelligent power management system, the machine is very good standby time, measured normal use 2 days 48 hours or more.
Theory of talk time up to 390 minutes and standby time of up to 200 hours

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