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Reach To IP67 Waterprood standard -The first rugged tablet pc T70

July 3, 2013

   Call tablet may we all see a lot more and it's very comman on market, with three anti-function rugged tablet pc products I believe we are rarely heard, at present, T70 waterproof phones tablet pc is particularly interesting by people, because T70 can support three anti features, and achieved professional IP67 level, with a waterproof, drop and explosion-proof function.

In addition to having three anti features, the machine's battery capacity also should not be underestimated, T70 rugged tablet pc built-in capacity of up to 11,000 milliamperes large capacity battery. Additionally T70 also uses low-power dual-core MTK6589 solutions, with a 7-inch IPS wide viewing angle screen with a resolution of 1024 * 600, touch screen support 5-point touch simultaneously. Terms of memory use 1G RAM +4 G ROM combination, 2.0 megapixel front + rear 5-megapixel camera, running Android 4.21 version of the system. MTK platform with most flat products, like, T70 rugged tablet pc calls and also supports China Unicom 3G network and is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0.

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